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Better Prediction for All

Most companies and peeps would like to be able to make better predictions - not perfect but better than guess work. Better decisions start with better predictions i.e. should we do this or is it better to do that etc. With Today's Simple AI for All we can and it's free to use.

Our Approach

We take the latest and best AI solutions and try to make them simpler to use and available to all. Let us know how well we're doing!

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Make better decisions with better predictions using Today's Simple AI for All

Try for free today - no need for expensive, new hardware, software
or self proclaimed experts - see our free demo below.

Today's Simple AI For All

So simple my grandpa could have used!


Nobody needs more complicated stuff. We make this as simple as possible.

Free to Use

You can use this free of charge. If you like what we do, you might consider donating to our charitable causes.


We aim to keep data and important processes local on your devices. That way you have less to worry about.


Analysing data and making predictions has often been a long, complex process, often dogged by ego and office politics. Not any longer, when anyone can do it ... and on most devices.

Any device

No need for expensive new hardware or software nor self declared experts. Works on most devices.

Well supported

Not only do we provide this free of charge currently, we'll also train you how to use if needed.

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Today's Simple AI For All

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It's as simple as 123 .... first click the button above to specify what you're trying to predict; second upload the data you want to use (CSV format); third click to create a prediction model from your data and predictions from new data. If you like the accuracy then download the model to use anywhere you wish. Plus all important data stays local on your device!

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